GAMMA-4 Co Ltd

Address: Michalakopoulou 44
ZIP : 115 28 ATHENS
Phone. +30.210.7257466 - +30.210.7257467
FAX. +30.210.7257486
E-mail: info @

GAMMA-4 Co Ltd provides clients in government, construction, commerce and industry with a qualified planning, engineering and operating staff, organized to evaluate and develop geological design, and environmental planning, in any kind of project. to:

  • Roads, railways and projects of linear alignment in general: highways, tunnels, bridges, pipelines, landslides, retaining rock slopes, identify places for construction materials, waste disposal site, etc.
  • Hydraulic projects and projects for Management and Development of Water Resources: identification and exploitation of groundwater aquifers, monitoring and evaluation of the groundwater quality status, groundwater balance and mathematical simulation, entry and transport of pollutants in aquifer systems, hydrogeological studies in water supply, irrigation, dams, reservoirs, e.t.c.
  • Spatial and urban planning: geological suitability studies in Spatial and Urban Planning.
  • Environmental Protection Studies: environmental impact studies in any kind of projects, in reuse of treated wastewater, in disposal of toxic waste, in landfills, etc.

Member of:

  • the Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms
  • the European Association of Consulting Firms (CEBI)
  • the Greek Association Companies of Geographic Information System, (founding member)
  • GAMMA-4 Co Ltd is also registered (G-244) in the catalogue of the European Union for studies of development projects in Asia and Africa in Community funded programs.